Dehydrated Rabbit Ears



The fur fibers on the rabbit ears is a source of dietary fiber and naturally clean the walls of the gut as it makes its way through your pet!


Transform your pet with Naturaw Dehydrated Rabbit Ears!

What potato chips are to us, rabbit ears are to dogs! They simply love the crunch and flavor of rabbit ears are willing to perform every treat in their book to get more! Dogs put great value on these treats and the fur is a source of dietary fibre.

They are perfect as a treat for dogs with allergies, dogs with liver issues and dogs who require a low-fat diet.


Ingredients & Nutrition


100% Rabbit Ears

Manufactured by: Naturaw, Toronto, ON M1R 3E4 CANADA

Guaranteed Nutrition

Rabbit is an excellent high quality, lean protein option for dogs and cats. It is a great source for vitamin B-12 and B-3, high in selenium and will provide your pet with a good source of phosphorus.
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