Beef Tripe



Loaded with digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and nutrients from the contents of a cow’s stomach and intestines.


Transform your pet with Naturaw Conventional Beef Tripe!

Loaded with digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and nutrients from the contents of a cow’s stomach and intestines. Easy to digest and helps maintain a healthy weight. Great source of healthy fats, calcium and phosphorus. Mimics what dogs and cats would eat if they were hunting in the wild!

To accommodate some of our customers, we offer a few conventional products at a lower, competitive cost.

Disclaimer: These products are made using mass produced animals that are not pasture raised. Their diet consists of grains and although Health Canada highly regulates the use of antibiotics and hormones in Canada, we cannot guarantee that they are antibiotic and hormones-free.

Note that that our conventional line is what is typically offered by other raw food companies. However, our goal is to incorporate more meat and protein in our products by using the whole animal where possible.

Ingredients & Nutrition


100% Beef Tripe


Manufactured by: Naturaw, Toronto, ON M1R 3E4 CANADA

Guaranteed Nutrition

Tripe serves as a significant source of protein, vitamin B-12, selenium and zinc.

B-12 -  Vitamin B-12, together with other B vitamins, helps your body process homocysteine, a potentially toxic amino acid. By lowering homocysteine in levels in the body, vitamin B-12 helps increase cardiovascular function.

Selenium - Cells rely on selenium to control enzyme activity, and a diet rich in selenium fights cell damage associated with aging and disease while also supporting thyroid gland function.

Zinc -  Like selenium, zinc promotes thyroid function.

Animal tripe naturally have a balanced ratio of nutrients.

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