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Raw Ground Meats: All of our meats are sourced from local Ontario farms. The animals we use are ethically-treated, pasture-raised and grass fed. We do not add any vegetables or fillers to our mixes, just the single protein itself! We manufacture the ground mixes in our facility and make all of our food in small batches of no more than 50 lbs, to ensure consistency.

Dehydrated Treats: Our dehydrated treats undergo a mild heating process which slowly cooks the protein without compromising the nutrients. Our single ingredient treats are 100% natural and do not contain any additives or preservatives - just the protein itself! They are perfect to take with you on the go as a healthy snack or a reward for your pet. We guarantee they will love them and will bark or meow for more!

Raw Meaty Bones: Raw meaty bones contribute to a balanced, species appropriate diet and dental health. The bones act as a natural toothbrush by cleaning the teeth and the action of tearing and crunching is mentally stimulating. We provide many options, ranging from heads, necks, feet, wings, tails and tongue. Switch it up! Keep in mind the larger raw meaty bones take longer to consume and are more suitable for larger breeds. Always feed bones in moderation as too many can lead to constipation.

Conventional Meats: To accommodate some of our customers, we offer a few conventional products at a lower, competitive cost. These products are made using mass produced animals that are not pasture raised. Our conventional line is comparable to what other raw food companies offer. However, our goal is to incorporate more meat and protein in our products by using the whole animal where possible.


German Shepherd Mix

Excellent Quality

March 16, 2017

"Her fur has become shiny and soft and she has become very muscular. The changes have just been amazing! If you are new to raw feeding, don’t worry, Yianni (the owner) is super friendly, helpful, and passionate in what he does."

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