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Jax and Brooklyn Cane Corso, American Bully

“We cannot say ENOUGH great things about Naturaw Canine Food! Since becoming customers in November of 2015, we have become Naturaw’s loudest advocates and supporters and recommend this fantastic company to all of our fellow pet parent friends. Naturaw is also the ONLY product we have exclusively endorsed and recommend to our Pet Resort customers. But we are not unique in our advocacy, ask any Naturaw customer for feedback on both the service and the quality of the products and you will be pleasantly surprised with the unanimity and consistency of the responses.

We wanted to provide a little bit of context as to why we love this company so much. Prior to getting our Cane Corso puppy in the winter of 2015, we had already decided to raw feed. Like many raw diet newbies, we thought that the decision to raw feed was already enough to guarantee the many health benefits that come from a BARF based diet and went with the over-priced pet store variety. This uninformed decision resulted in an overweight dog that was experiencing lameness before he even turned one! He was developing allergies and we were not seeing any of the expected benefits. A new acquaintance recommended Naturaw and we are so grateful that he did as we haven’t looked back since! We were impressed from the first conversation. The knowledge, the passion, the generosity and the care with which we were welcomed was incredible not to mention the quality of each product and Naturaw’s direct involvement in vetting their suppliers. We saw changes in our big boy almost immediately … we followed the sage advice on daily quantity, protein choices and supplementary treats and did it ever pay off!!! The weight came off, the lameness disappeared as did the allergies and we now have a stunning and most importantly healthy dog! Our new addition started on Naturaw as soon as she got home in November of 2016 and this time around, we experienced all the benefits from the get go! We even switched our geriatric gang of chihuahuas and saw a noticeable improvement in mobility, energy and digestion.

We are blessed and grateful to be a part of the growing Naturaw family! Thank you for caring for and about our pups as if they are your own and thank you for the most genuine and incredible customer service and for never making us or anyone else feel like a number or a “bottom line”! For anyone considering a raw diet, do your dog and yourself a great favour and stop looking – you won’t find anything even comparable”

Coco German Shepherd x Siberian Husky

“I fed Coco kibble for a year, during which she would go on hunger strikes.  She was very picky, I switched brands of kibble several times until she finally refused to eat. I began raw feeding her and for 6 moths, I tried several raw food companies, hoping to see the benefits of raw feeding. Coco would vomit often, had a lot of eye discharge, and bald patches on her elbows.  To date, I have been feeding Coco Naturaw for 8 months.  Within the first month of switching her to Naturaw, I saw changes.  Her fur became shiny and soft, she no longer had gooey eye discharge, her bald patches on her elbows disappeared, no more vomiting, and her stools became firm.  Overtime, Coco has become very muscular.  The changes have just been amazing!

I strongly stand behind Naturaw’s food products.  Their products are pasture raised, free of hormones and antibiotics, and from local Ontario farms that humanely butcher their animals.  Naturaw products are of high quality and well balanced. They follow the 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ guidelines.  The ground mixes are chunky, which I love because you see what is in it.  Occasionally, they will post videos on Instragram on how they make their products.  Better yet, once in a while, when you pick up some food, you will see them making the mixes in person, which other companies will not let you see the “behind the scenes.” There are no secrets with Naturaw!  What you see is what you get! Naturaw is the only company that I can truly trust.

If you are new to raw feeding, don’t worry, Yianni (the owner) is super friendly, helpful, and passionate in what he does.  He is always willing to explain and educate you in raw feeding.  He will guide you along the way. Once you try Naturaw, there is no turning back! “

Rico Golden Retriever

” Rico has been raw fed since he was weened off his momma’s milk and is quite lucky to have been started on Naturaw since then. When we first got Rico, we decided to continue with Naturaw Canine Foods and I can truly say that it was the best decision.

He gets complimented all the time on how shiny and soft his coat is. He has clean white teeth, his stools are always small and firm, and has a lean muscular body. I have heard that some dogs sometimes may have issues with allergies, skin problems, stool issues, and weight gain, but Rico has not had any of those problems at all. He is an extremely healthy guy.

I’ve heard these horror stories of other raw food companies who grind their food beyond recognition. I’ve seen photos of mixes that don’t even look like meat. But not at Naturaw. I can see the chunks of meat and organs in their mixes. It’s so reassuring to know what you’re actually feeding your pet. The mixes at Naturaw, are made on a regular basis, so you know that they are fresh.

Yianni, the owner, is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has guided me through this journey, which has been easy thanks to him. He answers all of my questions patiently and honestly. I cannot picture raw feeding without Naturaw. I have no need to buy anything anywhere else; from perfectly balanced mixes, to raw meaty bones, to raw treats, to dehydrated treats, Naturaw provides Rico with 100% of his diet.  Rico is living proof that puppies can be raw fed and grow healthy and strong.

Give Naturaw a try, don’t hesitate, once you have tried them, you will NOT be disappointed! Naturaw Canine Foods is a 5 star company! “

Kai and Kali American Bully and Pitbull

“Firstly we would like to thank Yianni for educating us on the many benefits of raw feeding our fur babies, his passion and hard work in finding the best quality food and his purpose behind it is unmatched. In less than a week we saw incredible results with our dogs when it came to their coat, energy, and cleanliness in their mouth. Kai and Kali give you guys a 5 out of 5! :)”

Hennesy, Hashi and Zelda French Bulldog

“I’ve searched for a while for top quality raw dog food for all my Frenchies and had a hard time until I came across Naturaw. They don’t cut corners and are passionate about what they do. Quality of meats are supreme and I can’t believe how great the prices are!”

Mylo German Shepherd x Lab x Husky

“My dog had been getting severe allergic reactions to kibble. It got so bad that the hair around his eye was falling out. Since switching him to Naturaw, he has been doing great. His hair grew back, has been more active and playful, and his coat even got softer and shinier. They go above and beyond to ensure that the quality of food is top-notch and that customers are consistently satisfied with both products and customer service. Definitely one of the best in the market today. “