Human Grade

All of our products are fresh and human grade. In fact, we consume the same meats because we know exactly how the farm animals are raised and what they are fed!

Free of Hormones & Antibiotics

Our farmers raise their animals without the use of any hormones or antibiotics. Their animals are ethically treated, pasture-raised and grass-fed.

No Preservatives or Additives

We do not add anything to our food other than the single protein and our utmost love, care and attention.

Made in Canada

We proudly source our food from local Ontario farmers, manufacture all of our products in our facility and package each product by hand.

Featured Products

  • review rating 5  Great guys! Yianni really knows his stuff and focuses on the customers needs before just making a buck... Was easy to transition my puppy at 3 months given how much info they gave me ! Now pups on all types of meat at 4 months old with NO problems at all.

    thumb RubenDropsIt

    review rating 5  I was hesitant to come into to Naturaw because I’ve been buying from the same raw food company for the past 2 years. When I came into Yianni’s store, he greeted us right away and actually spoke with us for about an hour about his raw food. He answered all of my questions with ease. He taught my partner and I so much. We went home with a sample and came back a week later to try out his food. Boy am I glad. The quality of this food is phenomenal, it’s chunky, you can see all the bones, organs, EVERYTHING he puts in his food. My dog hasn’t been happier, as soon as I am preparing his food he is up and at my feet begging, before he would just lay on his bed until I call him for dinner. My own dog sees the fantastic quality of the products here. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Jessica Hrynczak
  • review rating 5  My dog Rico has been on Naturaw all his life, almost 2 years now and he LOVES his food every single time. He will never ever not want to eat. Rico has not had any allergies, skin issues, ear issues, or weight issues that are sometimes associated with golden retrievers. I feel great serving him Naturaw food because I know he’s getting the best of the best. Freshness and quality go hand in hand with Naturaw, there is no compromise!! They carry a great variety of food and treats for dogs of all ages and sizes. I’m seriously in love with this company, they’re the best! Wish I could give them 10 stars!

    thumb Sesciah newby

    review rating 5  There's a lot of Raw food dealers out there but I don't know if they are as knowledgeable or passionate like Yanni and his staff. My boy Delgado switched to Naturaw when he was four months old and I can't imagine him eating anything else. He's had no health issues to date and he's lean with a lot of muscle tone/definition.

    thumb michael smith
  • review rating 5  I’ve been looking for a place that sells high quality raw dog food for a while. I couldn’t find anything that carried a high quality, well balanced and conveniently portioned raw dog food so I had to settle for whatever I could find at the local pet store. When I discovered Naturaw, I was extremely happy. The carry a wide variety of meats which is very convenient as my dog is on a rotational diet. They were easy to get a hold of. I spoke to Peter and he was very knowledgeable of their products as well as everything I needed to know about the proper feeding guidelines for my dog. Their customer service is amazing! Stop feeding your dogs low quality foods and switch to Naturaw.

    thumb Norvic Chanco

    review rating 5  5 stars goes beyond the high quality products that they offer (which they do!). I'm mostly appreciative for the staff at Naturaw. Being a novice at all this, it has been very helpful that they were always accessible, friendly and willing to help. They answered any and all my questions, helped me understand what I need to ensure my dog is happy and healthy. I'm very thankful that this is the place I chose for my pup. Thanks guys!

    thumb Nadine Wong
  • review rating 5  My dog was on raw food from the pet store but then I stumbled upon Naturaw one day and haven't looked back. Yianni took his time to understand my dog and her needs. My dog's coat is silky smooth and shiny for her breed. Her teeth are great and overall health has improved. I would definitely suggest all my friends to go to Naturaw.

    thumb Phoebe Lam

    review rating 5  Yanni (the owner) is amazing. He loves what he does and makes great products. Axle is super healthy and has a great coat. Been raw since 6 weeks

    thumb Stephan Tanchak
  • review rating 5  Definitely a 5 stars. My dogs go crazy for Naturaw. The owner is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, the first time we went he took us on a tour of the back! Really was awesome to see it all!

    thumb Ashley Marie

    review rating 5  I can not say enough great things about this place. Excellent service. Excellent staff and some of the best knowledge base out there. If you are considering raw. C0nsider these guys

    thumb Ward Black

Why choose naturaw


    We operate with full transparency, honesty and integrity. We do not take any shortcuts in creating our recipes and we always welcome our customers to see how and where their pet food is made! In our mind, we are not just fueling your fur-babies, we are giving them the highest quality food they deserve - because we truly care about their health and well-being.

    We source all of our food locally and our animals have free mobility, are not fed any hormones or antibiotics and their diet is mainly or entirely composed of grass. Grass-fed animals have a higher nutritional profile as they contain more antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids and have reduced body fat, which are beneficial to your pet’s health. As the saying goes, you are what you eat.

    Our food is made in our facility, in small batches of no more than 50 lbs, to ensure consistency. Our recipes are properly balanced to meet the species appropriate raw feeding guidelines by using the appropriate ratios of meat, organs and bones. We do not add any vegetables to our mixes and leave it up to the discretion of our customers to include them in their pet’s diet.